Review of PMDO Facility
by Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India
Various constituents within the Government have provided positive encouragement and support to the PMDO initiative, including referencing the Facility as a pioneering effort to tap private funding for the development of Urban Infrastructure in India.

The Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) of Government of India requested PMDO to present the salient features of the PMDO Facility to its internal team handling JnNURM projects and to Urban Local Bodies implementing these projects. Based on this the Ministry informed all the state governments and local authorities to access the PMDO Facility in its letter no. K-14012/102/2008-NURM I dated 14.11.2008 to consider this Facility to finance their infrastructure Projects. Subsequently, one more communication from MoUD has been sent to all Urban Local Bodies and Government agencies engaged in Urban infrastructure sector vide letter no. K-14012/102/2010-NURM I dated 28.04.2010.

The Asset Manager was again requested by the Ministry of Urban Development to present the salient features of the PMDO facility along with information on projects funded, security structure, tenor and applicable interest rates to the Annual conference of principal secretaries of Urban Development of various states on August 19, 2009. MoUD is appreciative of the fact that the Facility provided an opportunity to the Urban Local Bodies which are implementing infrastructure projects for waste disposal, sanitation, parking, city bus transport, slum area rehabilitation etc., to fund such projects in bankable formats through Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangements.
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